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Calling all existing connoisseurs, collectors, and certified watch nerds: interact with the makers & VIPs; wear the novelties; discover something new.

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Shed the intimidation and let us introduce you to our passion for horology. Warning: there is no going back.

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Engage your existing and new audiences in a whole new way through live, personalized interaction. Isn’t it time?

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Expect a great deal of small group communication and one-on-one conversing, with educational tracks for veteran aficionados and niche programming. There will be interactive Instagram moments created, allowing influencers and attendees to get “the shot” of the newest novelties and storied classic watches on their wrists. Parties, music, on-site watchmaking and more – HorologiCon will be relaxed, open, and above all, fun. 

HorologiCon allows you, the advanced consumer to interact with and understand these companies and creations in new ways, removing the glass cases, white gloves, and skinny ties and enveloping you with their stories, their histories, and their plans for continued innovation into the future.


We will structure our event with education “tracks” so that every attendee will receive an experience befitting their comfort level and watch knowledge.

HorologiCon is about doing things differently. Ever stood outside a watch boutique and wanted to go in but felt like it wasn’t for you? Intimidated even? All those shiny things and those white gloves can be scary. Learn about the watches, the brands, the people and what goes into them. Understand the heritage and developments behind these amazing technological marvels.

The world of watches and horology is a broad one. Most of us own at least one watch but know little about them.  What do all of the dials mean and do? Why are they there? What makes a mechanical watch vs. a quartz watch vs. a smartwatch? Why do we call in a dial rather than a face? What on earth is a perpetual calendar and why should I want one? What goes into designing these things? Why the colors? What is a dive watch vs. a field watch? What was their original use? How does automatic winding work? Who are the people behind these things? Where did all the brands come from? Who invented the watch? Why do we covet them?

There are so many things to know and learn about watches, how they came about, why we wear them and what the future of the industry is. Meet and hear from the people that design and make them. Hear from the industry leaders about how they make their decisions and where the industry is headed. Get inspired by the people that love watches and understand why.


Horologicon brings together watch lovers, collectors, enthusiasts and industry professionals to evolve and enjoy the horology community.

Exhibitors include: 

  • Watch Manufacturers and Impact Brands looking to connect with collectors, buyers, retailers, influencers and the media. This is an opportunity to tell your story, showcase your heritage and retail direct with your consumers.
  • Independent and Emerging Manufacturers and Micro Brands looking to showcase their designs and innovative collections. Share the passion of the innovation and creativity behind your brand with both collectors and the industry while giving collectors an opportunity to discover and purchase their next cherished timepiece from your collection.
  • Vintage Dealers showcasing classics and time-held masterpieces to curious buyers, collectors and media. An incredible opportunity for in-person showcasing your watches to thousands of eager buyers in one weekend.
  • Accessory Suppliers offering cases, straps, dials and more gain access to enthusiasts seeking to outfit their timepieces to display their individuality creating unique pieces.
  • Customisers, HorologiCon will offer you a platform to display your bespoke designs and custom capabilities for those who desire a truly one-of-a-kind collectible.

To exhibit or sponsor please contact Daniel Read at dan@horologicon.com.


Horologicon brings together watch lovers, collectors, enthusiasts and industry professionals to evolve and enjoy the horological community.

Our robust marketing campaign includes outreach with Redbar, NY Horological Society of New York, the watch industry trade, social and grass-roots outreach to collectors and enthusiasts, and a dedicated PR campaign.

Attendees will include:

  • Watch collectors and curious consumers looking for shopping moments where they can purchase their long sought after favorites, new editions from their favorite brands, and an opportunity to discover exclusive special additions, rarities and discover new favorites
  • Watch retailers and buyers looking to source new lines and brands and add special pieces to their retailing offerings including independent retail jewelers, luxury retail jewelers, chain stores and mass merchants
  • Media and Influencers covering the latest trends and developments in the watch world

To exhibit or sponsor please contact Daniel Read at dan@horologicon.com.